how the whale lost its legs

Long before the memory of man, there was a small, lumbering animal staring longingly at the ocean. It stood upon the shore, yearning to explore the vast, blue expanse.

One day it came upon a glowing starfish, drying in the sun. It took pity on the little creature and gently scooped it up and waded into the surf. The animal’s feet dug deep into the soft sand beneath.

Suddenly, a great wave came and washed the animal out to sea, its tiny legs kicking vainly in the strong current. Another wave came and crashed overhead, forcing the animal deep underwater.

The animal stared down into the depths and saw the little starfish slowly sinking away, its light glowing brighter and brighter until it was so brilliant, it was blinding.

“Kind animal, you have sacrificed your life for mine, a deep voice spoke from the light. “I shall grant you one wish to repay this debt. What is your deepest desire?”

“To swim all the waters of the sea,” the animal replied, its lungs burning. “To explore the ends of the oceans, for the land is too crowded and noisy.”

The light pulsed and flashed and suddenly, the animal began to grow. It grew larger and larger, its legs transforming into a mighty tail.

Overjoyed, the animal kicked its powerful tail and leaped in a great arch into the sky. It came crashing down and dove deep into the light.

“My debt has been paid, the voice said. “For your kindness, I’ve given you a body as big as your heart and a tail strong enough to swim the strongest current. Henceforth, you shall be called Whale, and you shall be the king of all the oceans.”

“Thank you, little friend. I’ll go and spread your message of kindness to all corners of the sea,” the Whale said.

From that day on, the mighty Whale sings its song of kindness and well-meaning to all who cares to hear.

– a tale told by a father to his daughter


Because of environmental pressures, some ancient mammals were forced to turn to the ocean to succeed as a species. Some evolved into semi-aquatic animals, like the otter, while others became permanent residents in our oceans, like the wise and mighty whale.

Thanks to Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, we know that life has a resolute need to evolve and adapt in order to thrive. For the Whale, it meant losing its legs to gain a powerful tail.

We, at Transatlantic, strive to evolve with the needs of our clients and market: to streamline that which is extraneous and only add that which will affect value in people’s lives.

We endeavour to intelligently go beyond that which is expected and to deliver the best medical and wellness products to the market.

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