Pregtest Clin Pack Strip (25 pcs)

A pregnancy test, ideal for the busy doctor’s practice, clinic or hospital.

A pregnancy screening test is a self-diagnostic tool that allows medical practitioners to quickly and easily determine if a patient is pregnant. They are designed to tell if urine contains a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). A technique, known as an immunoassay, which involves a complex reaction between the hormone and various protein antibodies, is used to measure hCG. The tests are easy to use:

A urine sample is combined with the antibodies and the test is timed. A colour change indicates a positive result. The results of these types of tests can be influenced by various factors and instructions should be carefully followed.
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Intended User: Medical Practitioner

Brand: Unbranded

Packaging: Clinic / Practice

  Comes in a pack of 25


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