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Infrared Digital Thermometer

Quality thermometer for the measurement of body temperature. Non-contact, measuring 3-5cm.

It is compact and lightweight, gives an accurate reading, it’s fast and easy, has an LCD display and a fever alarm.

  • Power: DC 3V; 2 x AAA batteries
  • Auto shut-off: 15 seconds
  • Measuring range: Body mode: 32°C ~ 42.5°C (89.6°F~108.5°F), Surface mode: 0°C ~ 100°C (32°F~212°F), Accuracy: 32°C ~ 34.9°C: ±0.3°C (89.6°F: ±0.54°F), 35°C ~42°C: ±0.2°C (95°F ~107.6°F~94.82°F: ±0.54°F), 42.1°C~42.5°C: ±0.3°C (107.78°F~108.5°F: ±054°F)
  • Resolution: ±0.1°C (32.18°F),
  • Measuring time: 0.5s
  • Measuring distance: 3-5cm
  • Memories: 32

Intended User: Home, Office or Medical

Brand: FZK

Packaging: Thermometer + batteries

  Sold as individual units

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