FertileCheck Fertility Gel

Fertility Gel is a transparent gel with hyaluronic acid, which optimises the natural moisture balance of the vagina. 

The hyaluronic acid preserves sperm motility and provides improved conditions for sperm during a woman’s fertile phase. Fertility Gel was also developed for women who suffer from vaginal dryness and do not exhibit a sufficient moisture regulation.

When should Fertility Gel be applied? Fertility Gel is used as a lubricant, especially during the fertile phase when other lubricants should not be applied. The convenient applicator is easy to use and sealed in a protective foil, keeping it hygienically clean at all times.

How often can Fertility Gel be applied? Fertility Gel can be used on a daily basis during the fertile phase, due to its very mild and natural formula.

What else should be noted when using Fertility Gel? Planned intercourse should be started within 15 minutes of applying the gel. Fertility Gel does not contain any hormones. If pregnancy has not occurred after 12 months of trying in those under 35, or after 6 months in those over 35, they should consult a doctor. There is no guarantee pregnancy will occur when using Fertility Gel. Fertility Gel should not be used in conjunction with other vaginal preparations.

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Brand: FertileCheck

Format: Gel

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  Comes in a pack of 6


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